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Array ( [id] => 29 [title] => ADAC test results - autumn 2023 [meta_description] => [short_description] => Wyniki testów ADAC - jesień 2023 [content] => ADAC test results - autumn 2023 ADAC (niem. Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) conducts two rounds of car seat tests every year - spring and autumn. In this year's autumn edition, 29 child seats were tested in terms of safety, ease of use, ergonomics and the presence of contaminants in the materials used. Below are the latest results. For more detailed results, please visit the website: ADAC autumn 2023 Model ADAC overall rating ADAC safety rating Category Besafe iZi Go Modular X2 i-Size + iZi Modular i-Size Base 1,7 1,3 40-75 cm Besafe iZi Go Modular X2 i-Size 2,1 1,3 40-75 cm Apramo Modül One + Modül Hub-Fix Base 2,6 1,9 40-75 cm Apramo Modül One 2,8 1,7 40-75 cm Cybex Cloud T + Base T 1,7 1,3 45-87 cm Chicco Kory Plus Air i-Size + Full 360 i-Size Base 1,9 1,6 40-85 cm Cosatto Acorn i-Size + Acorn i-Size Base 1,9 1,4 40-87 cm Cybex Cloud T 2,1 1,0 45-87 cm Chicco Kory Plus Air i-Size 2,3 1,4 40-85 cm Britax Römer Baby-Safe 5Z2 + Flex Base 5Z 2,4 2,2 40-85 cm Cosatto Acorn i-Size 2,4 1,4 40-87 cm Britax Römer Baby-Safe 5Z2 2,5 1,8 40-85 cm Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro 4,6 1,5 40-87 cm Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro + FamilyFix 360 Pro 4,6 1,7 40-87 cm Cybex Sirona T + Base T 2,3 1,7 45-105 cm Joie i-Spin 360 R 2,4 1,5 40-105 cm Renolux Gaia+ 3,0 2,9 40-105 cm Graco Slimfit R129 3,1 2,4 40-145 cm Joie Every Stage R129 3,1 2,4 40-145 cm Joie i-Spin 360 E 2,0 1,5 61-105 cm Britax Römer Swingfix M Plus 2,1 1,8 61-105 cm Maxi-Cosi Pearl 360 Pro + FamilyFix 360 Pro 2,1 1,9 61-105 cm Britax Römer Dualfix 5Z + Flex Base 5Z 2,4 2,0 61-105 cm Kinderkraft i-Guard Pro 2,7 2,0 61-105 cm Maxi-Cosi Titan Plus i-Size 2,5 2,5 76-150 cm Cybex Solution T i-Fix 2,0 2,1 100-150 cm Maxi-Cosi RodiFix S i-Size 2,1 2,7 100-150 cm Britax Römer Adventure Plus 2 2,3 2,2 100-150 cm Britax Römer Discovery Plus 2 2,3 2,1 100-150 cm very good (5*)   good (4*)   satisfactory (3*)   sufficient (2*)   insufficient (1*) 0,6 - 1,5 1,6 - 2,5 2,6 - 3,5 3,6 - 4,5 4,6 - 5,5 [category] => [date_added] => 24.10.2023 [viewed] => 3217 [is_featured] => 0 [link_rewrite] => adac-test-results-autumn-2023 [post_img] => 29 ) 1
Array ( [id] => 28 [title] => Axkid Minikid 4 - a new member of the Swedish car seats family [meta_description] => Axkid Minikid 4 - a new member of the Swedish car seat family. How is it different from Axkid Minikid 3? Are the changes noticeable and significant? Look! [short_description] => Axkid Minikid 4 - a new member of the Swedish car seats family. How is it different from Axkid Minikid 3? Check. [content] => Here it is! Long awaited Axkid Minikid 4! For some time we have been looking forward to the delivery of the new Axkid car seat - Minikid 4. Although it is a well-known and liked model by many users, its latest version gives even greater traveling comfort than before. Below is a comparison of the previous Axkid Minikid 3 model with the recently delivered Minikid 4. We encourage you to read what Swedish engineers have surprised us with now... ;) Differences Minikid 3 and Minikid 4 The Axkid Minikid 4 is the latest addition to our range of innovative, safe and Swedish Plus tested car seats. The Minikid 4 has an extended rear-facing capability of up to 7years (or even longer), thanks to its impressive back length and the impressive weight limit of 36kg. The Minikid family – the family hero For approximately 10 years, Axkid Minikid has served the market in providing the highest safety for children all over Europe. The unique functionalities featured on the Minikid as well as the huge safety benefits with extended rear-facing travel make it a product that is truly loved by parents as well as children. The Minikid concept is famous for its unique and patented features and for saving many lives during these past years. What are the differences between Axkid Minikid 3 and Minikid 4? Launching the fourth version in the Minikid family, Axkid Minikid 4, we are incredibly proud of the fact that we never stop developing, we always listen, improve and develop new, innovative ideas and solutions to keep your child as safe and comfortable as possible. Building on the success of the Axkid Minikid 3 and the praised and awarded Minikid Family, we have made several key updates to enhance your child's comfort and safety during car journeys. >> Updated headrest geometry We've re-designed the headrest geometry to improve the fitting and position of your child to give support to your child's head and neck. The headrest geometry features a U-shape compared to the Minikid 3 which featured more of a V-shape. This enhances the experience of the Minikid 4 headrest with it being more open and fits perfectly to children of all ages. >> New comfort back pad The new detachable comfort back pad makes the experience of the car seat even more comfortable. The featured pad is made of the same high-quality materials as the premium seat cover. Additionally, the pad is designed to be very easy to remove if you prefer not to use it or are in need of a wash - we do know accidents can happen... :) >> Updated toddler support cushion The Axkid Minikid 4 comes with a new design of the extra inlay that is recommended to be used from 61cm up to 105cm. The baby/toddler support cushion is made in comfortable memory foam to seat your little child into the perfect position to ideally benefit from the car seat’s safety. The inlay also features a mesh on the back panel promoting better airflow. >>New textile The Minikid 4 features a brand-new textile that's even softer and more breathable than before, providing your child with a comfortable seating experience. The new textile has the same padding as the previous Minikid 3 Premium which means additional padding in the textile for a higher comfort for your child. >>Updated details and finish In addition to the improvements in comfort and safety, we've also paid attention to the details. The Minikid 4 boasts an improved finish that's both sleek and durable, and is available in a range of new, eye-catching colours that are sure to please both parents and children alike. In summary... At Axkid, we are committed to providing you with the safest and most comfortable child car seats on the market. We never stop listening to feedback from our customers and experts, and we're always striving to improve our products. With the Minikid 4, you can be confident that you're choosing a car seat that's been designed with your child's safety and comfort as top of mind. In summary, the Minikid 4 is a secure and spacious car seat with extensive smart features designed with a Swedish safety mindset. With its long back length, improved covers, and a new headrest geometry, the Minikid 4 is a flexible and adaptable extended rear-facing car seat that can grow with your child's needs, making it a family hero. [category] => [date_added] => 18.09.2023 [viewed] => 456 [is_featured] => 0 [link_rewrite] => axkid-minikid-4-a-new-member-of-the-swedish-c [post_img] => 28 ) 1
Array ( [id] => 17 [title] => Top Tether - what is it? [meta_description] => [short_description] => What is a Top Tether and what is it used for? When you are choosing a seat, you may come across the words "ISOFIX and Top Tether installation" in the description. What is Top Tether and how does it affect safety? Which seats utilise this additional anchorage? [content] => What is a Top Tether and what is it used for? When you are choosing a seat, you may come across the words "ISOFIX and Top Tether installation" in the description. What is Top Tether and how does it affect safety? Which seats utilise this additional anchorage? What is a top tether? The Top Tether is an extra anchorage for the seat to the vehicle structure. Its purpose is to prevent the seat from moving in the axis of rotation of the ISOFIX attachments. In simple terms, it prevents the seat from pulling away from the backrest in a frontal collision and the upper part of the seat from flying towards the front of the vehicle. This would result in the child's body suddenly decelerating and thus jerking its head. There is also a risk of the head hitting the front seat. This is extremely dangerous and directly translates into a risk to the child's life and health. This is perfectly illustrated in the video below: Most forward-facing seats, mainly in the 0(9)-18 kg weight range, have an extra support leg, which has the same purpose - when pushed against the floor of the car, it does not allow the seat (or Isofix base) to move forward too much. Forward-facing seats, especially from the 9-36 kg range, usually do not have an extra leg for practical reasons; this is taken over by the top tether. What does the Top Tether look like? It is a long belt at the back of the seat with a carabiner. It can hang loosely on the seat or be hidden under the casing. Does my car have a Top Tether mounting point? It depends. Cars manufactured for the European market, from 2013 onwards, are i-Size approved and must be fitted with the appropriate attachment. In older designs, unfortunately, there is no such standard. Example car interior showing possible TopTether anchorage points (Mercedes B200): Where to find the Top Tether attachment point? The connector for the upper tether strap is usually located at the rear of the vehicle, on the boot side. Most often it is on the back of the seat back or on the floor of the boot. Occasionally, however, you will find this attachment point on the ceiling of the car or on the side wall of the boot. sufit-ceiling tylna półka-rear shelf tył oparcia-back of the backrest podłoga-floor ATTENTION: Not every metal eyelet that can be fitted with a Top Tether carabiner is a suitable attachment point! Many vehicles have luggage anchors that are not suitable for child seats. To be absolutely sure that the attachment point you find is the right one for your car seat: - an appropriate marking must be next to it, for example: - or the vehicle handbook indicates this location as being suitable (particularly in older vintage cars). Sample manual, Citroen C4 Picasso 2014: How to anchor the seat correctly? In accordance with the manual. Every child seat comes with a manual on how to install it correctly. Most seats also have stickers with pictures showing the correct installation for the various weight groups. General guidelines: ensure that the belt is not twisted; The belt must run in a straight line from the seat to the attachment point; each upper anchor strap has a system indicating when the strap is correctly tensioned; if you have any doubts, please refer to the manual or contact us. For example, a snippet of the Joie Bold car seat manual: Examples of seats that utilise a Top Tether: Poled Y-Fix Britax Advansafix IV R Britax Advansafix IV M Britax Advansafix i-Size Peg Perego Viaggio 1-2-3 VIA Jane Drive i-Size Nuna Myti Joie Bold Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro [category] => [date_added] => 09.02.2021 [viewed] => 56719 [is_featured] => 0 [link_rewrite] => top-tether-what-is-it [post_img] => 17 ) 1

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