List of products by brand BeSafe

The BeSafe brand was founded in 1963 by the Norwegian Torgersen family, which has been constantly creating new seats ever since. It offers rearward-facing seats (RWF) as well as rotating seats, the test results of which show a great deal of consistency and attention to safety standards. Their main goal is to prevent injuries to children resulting from car accidents and guarantee them the highest protection during unwanted traffic events. They offer car seats for children of all ages. Besides safety, they focus great attention on ergonomics, comfort and ease of use, while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. The company is constantly developing and looking for innovative and original solutions, which are being developed by experienced engineers and designers. One of the most popular models of this brand is iZi Twist B i-Size - a rotating and rearward-facing (RWF) seat for children weighing 0-18 kg, which passed one of the most demanding tests - the Swedish Test Plus.